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Frog Friendly Coffee

Our Frog Friendly Coffee is grown wild in the last remaining Cloud Forest in Mexico in Oaxaca, it grows wild among cocoa beans, vanilla orchids, and mango trees.  Frog Friendly is 100% Wild no chemicals or pesticides.  Frog Friendly has a longstanding relationship with the indigenous people and they are paid a premium wage to harvest the beans.  The beans are transported by foot and mule as they are very concious of the environment.

Craft Roasted

Once the beans are picked they are sent to the craft roaster on the shores of the Shuswap Lake in Canoe, BC.   Each batch of coffee is made when we order it.  Frog Friendly uses an impact-free milling system, and once the coffee is roasted, the coffee mulch gets composted.  The coffee packaging is 100% recyclable.

Frog Friendly Coffee Being Ground in Canoe BC

Aromano Coffee


Aromano Coffee is a locally founded company in British Columbia. Sourcing their beans from South and Central America. Every cup of Aromano Coffee expresses the natural flavour of the bean. They work tirelessly to expose the exciting flavour characteristics of coffee.

Craft Roasting

The bean journey starts with creating the perfect profile for each coffee by focusing on what brings out the best in third wave coffee. Understanding that an enjoyable roast profile is not just about the end temperature or color of the roasted beans, but the controlled airflow and increase and decrease of temperatures at different points to make sure that all the natural flavours are extracted from the sugars in each bean. Sourcing their beans from South and Central America.

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